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Studio Rental Rates
Shoot or Pre-Light 12 hour day
Includes facility and all features.
Prep, Build, Wrap 10 hour day
Includes facility and all features.
Studio Overtime Per Hour 125.00
Power usage - per kilowatt hour 0.45

Additional services/equipment: Daily
Grip Package $350.00
GES Package (Grip, Electric and Support) 525.00
Tungsten Lighting Package (includes the GES package)
All packages available Ala Cart, billed on a per use basis.
Scissors Lift 125.00
Commercial Kitchen Equipment / Gas stove 125.00
Manual 8' Turntable 50.00
Water Proof Membrane 20'x50' 25.00
Kraft Paper per foot 0.15

Rental Equipment Policy:
Icehouse Studio does not allow outside grip trucks or lighting packages to be brought into the studio. Without the lighting concession we would not meet our operating expenses. The on-site package is such a great deal that no one would want to anyway. That being said, small lighting kits are allowed. Thank You for your understanding and cooperation!


Cyc walls and floor are kept white. Client may request paint-in of other colors as needed with the understanding that the cyc must be returned to white at the end of the Booking. Icehouse painting is done at a rate of $35.00/man hour plus the cost of paint and supplies used. The floor is not necessarily painted white before each booking, but can be for the cost of paint and labor.

Wrap Policy:
Studio and Ante room are to be left cleared of any debris or set pieces. A quick sweep of the stage and Ante room is necessary to return the stage to its pre-shoot condition. Additional clean up will result in additional charges. Damage/lost or missing Lights On Minneapolis or Icehouse property will be billed accordingly. Additional disposal services will be quoted as necessary.


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