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HMI Lighting

HMI Fresnels Daily:
12,000W HMI Fresnel LTM w/ Square Wave Ballast $605.00
12,000W HMI Fresnel LTM 475.00
4,000W HMI Fresnel LTM 250.00
2,500W HMI Fresnel LTM 200.00
1,200W HMI Fresnel LTM 135.00
575W HMI Fresnel ARRI or LTM 115.00
200W HMI Fresnel LTM 95.00

Lights include head, magnetic ballast, head cable, spare lamp,
stand, barndoors, and set of scrims.

Stands not included with 12,000W, 6,000W, or 4,000W Fresnels.

HMI Pars

12,000W HMI Par Arri with square wave ballast $800.00
9,000W HMI ARRI M90 Par with high speed ballast 900.00
6,000W HMI Par Arri 650.00
4,000W HMI Par Arri 425.00
2,500W HMI Par Arri or LTM 300.00
1,800W HMI Par - Arri M18  NEW!   See Brochure here 190.00
1,200W HMI Par Arri or LTM 150.00
800W Joker Bug Light 145.00
575W HMI Par Arri 135.00
400W Joker Bug Light 135.00

400W ARRI Pocket Par Kit w/square wave ballast and
small video pro chimera w/ ring.

200W Arri HMI w/square wave AC ballast 100.00
200W Arri HMI w/square wave DC ballast 110.00

Lights include head, ballast, head cable, spare lamp,
stand, barndoors, set of lenses and scrims.

Stands not included with 12,000W or 6,000W Pars.

HMI Extensions

50' HMI ext. cable 575W or 1200W $15.00
50' HMI ext. cable 2500W or 4,000W 15.00
50' HMI ext. cable 6,000W or 12,000W 30.00

Square Wave Ballasts

With head

Ballast only
6k/12k 220v ballast $140.00 $200.00
2.5K/4k 110/220v ballast 95.00 120.00
575/1.2 110/220V ballast 55.00 70.00
200W DC ballast 25.00 35.00

HMI Lighting Kit
2 - 200W ARRI HMI Pars
2 - Square wave AC ballasts, 110v/240v 60/50 hz.
2 - 25' extension cables
2 - Fresnel frosted lens w/rings
2 - Super wide flood lens w/rings
2 - Wide flood lens w/rings
2 - Medium flood lens w/rings
2 - Spot lens w/rings
2 - Scrim sets: 2 doubles, 1 single per set
2 - Four-leaf barndoors
1 - Shipping case for kit
1 - Chimera Small Video Pro bank w/ring
Daily: $195.00



Batteries Daily:
30V battery belt 35.00


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