Kansas City



Welcome to Lights On, the best source for all your production needs.
Choose either Minneapolis or Kansas City for equipment rental,
or visit Lights On Retail, our online store.

We offer Rental of Grip Trucks, DSLR and HD video cameras, Red Digital Cinema Cameras, Camera Support, Zoom and Prime Lenses, Filters, Monitors, Video Recorders, Microphones, Mixers, Generators, Camera Dollies, Cranes, Jib Arms, Steadicams, ARRI and LTM HMIs, Kino-Flo Lighting, Litepanels, AAdyn Tech, Nila LED lighting, Mole and ARRI Tungsten/LED Lighting, Matthews and American Grip Equipment, Chimera Softbanks, Blue and Green Screens, & much much more.

We not only rent, but also sell equipment and expendables.